Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pain can have a variety of different causes.  One such cause that is a major contributor to this problem is the way that we sit and stand: our posture and daily positions our bodies are in for long periods.  The problem is that our bodies adapt to the positions we are in most of the day.  Muscles that should remain long get shorter.  Muscles that should be normal length get stretched.  Over time we get poor posture which is often followed soon after by back pain, neck pain, and headaches.

One specific way where our posture causes problems is in lower back pain from sitting.  Our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods of time, but in this day and age sitting is very common.  Sitting causes the hip flexor muscles to shorten over time, which will in turn cause forward tilting of the pelvis upon standing.  Forward tilting is not ideal because it places too much strain on the lower back muscles and joints.  

This problem can be minimized by doing a simple stretch for the hip flexor (psoas) muscles.  These muscles can be stretched in a variety of ways, and one of the easiest ways is detailed below. 

Grab a towel and fold it several times.  Place it on the floor and place one knee on the towel, with the opposite foot flat on the floor in front of the knee.  With your head up and shoulders back, thrust your hips forward slowly until you feel a good stretch on the front of the leg and hip area of the side that is on the towel.  Hold this for 30 seconds for each side.  This stretch is great to do at least once each day in order to reverse the effects of prolonged sitting and the back pain that comes with it!

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